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product features:
Purpose: most suitable for ordinary families, hospitals, offices, factories, hotels, restaurants and other places. Features: 1 Concealed installation: the unit is invisible and concealed, making the door more beautiful and concise. 2. Super safety: the product adopts household level humanized safety standards, and the door body stops suddenly when it is blocked during opening or closing, so as to ensure the safety of people and objects. 3. Ultra quiet: the product adopts multi-stage gear belt transmission system to ensure the ultra quiet operation of the product and better meet the domestic and commercial noise standards. 4. Long service life. 5. Diversified design: the product adopts humanized design, which can check the operation state and judge the abnormal state by itself. Through digital display and digital adjustment, it is more convenient for subsequent maintenance. 6. Opening mode: fully automatic, 90 degree opening in one direction, realizing automatic door opening and closing, and manual opening in case of power failure.

table of technical parameters:
equipment model RSB
opening delay 1-30S MAX:8 Gear adjustment
Drive mode DC brushless motor 50W
Open/close speed 2m/s
Door weight x single 100kgx1
Resilience against resistance Max:10N
Driver rail size D80.4xH89.2xW585mm
supply voltage AC100VX240V
Opening Delay 1-30S Max:8th gear adjustment
Input signal Induction Switch/Hand Pressure Switch/Emergency Stop Switch
product installation or operation instructions: null